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Angela Ruggiero
Ice Hockey

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

2004 Patty Kazmaier Award winner as the top player in NCAA Division I women’s ice hockey … 4-time All-America first team (2004, 2003, 2000, 1999) … ECAC Hockey Player of the Year (2004), ECAC Hockey Tournament Most Outstanding Player (2004), 4-time All-ECAC Hokey first team (2004, 2003, 2000, 1999), 2-time ECAC Hockey All-Tournament Team (2004, 1999), and ECAC Hockey All-Rookie Team (1999) … Beanpot Hall of Fame (2016) inductee and Beanpot MVP (2004) … Radcliffe Prize recipient as the most outstanding female athlete in the Class of 2004 … Ranks third in career assists (157), fifth in goals (96), and sixth in points (253) … Helped Harvard to the 1999 AWCHA National Championship and back-to-back NCAA Championship Game appearances (2004, 2003) … 2-time ECAC Hockey Tournament champion (2004, 1999), 3-time ECAC Hockey regular season champion (2004, 2003, 1999), 2-time Ivy League regular season champion (2003, 1999), and 4-time Beanpot champion (2004, 2003, 2000, 1999) … Team captain (2004) … Academic All-America Hall of Fame (2015) inductee and Academic All-America first team (2004) … 2-time ECAC Hockey All-Academic Team (2004, 2003) ... 4-time Olympic medalist (2010 silver, 2006 bronze, 2002 silver, 1998 gold) and 2-time Top Defensemen (2006, 2002) … 4-time IIHF World Championships gold medalist, 6-time silver medalist … Just the 4th woman ever inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame (2015) ... Served as a member of the International Olympic Committee (2010-2018), Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (2016-2018), Chairperson for the IOC Athletes' Commission (2016-2018), Board of the United States Olympic Committee (2010-2018), Foundation Board Member of the World Anti-Doping Agency, and Former President and board member of the Women's Sports Foundation.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

Thank you to the Harvard Varsity Club for this amazing honor. It is a true privilege to be in such great company with the other recipients and to be able to say we will forever go down in Harvard sports history! What an honor.

I would be lying if I said attending Harvard was a dream of mine as a child. I never imagined I would attend somewhere like Harvard University. I was intimidated to even apply- intimidated by the students, the reputation, and the balancing act as a potential student-athlete. Somehow, I mustered the courage to believe in myself (largely due to those in the room) and take a leap of faith that I could grow and flourish at such an amazing school. I never dreamed I would graduate as an Academic All-American, win the Patty Kazmaier, or be able to represent my school winning a national championship. My amazing experience at Harvard- where I could push myself to fully understand my pre-conceived limits- helped shaped the person I am today.

Despite having an Olympic gold medal under my belt before arriving on campus in the fall of ’99, I was still a very impressionable young woman. To this day, I know that Harvard opened my aperture to the world in a way that allowed me to explore and grow into more than “a hockey player.” This great University exposed me to different ways of thinking, cultures, and theories that took my relatively narrow view on the world and opened my mind to possibility. I learned to not only be a better hockey player, but more importantly, a better person. I graduated motivated to do more with the athletic and academic platform I had in front of me- a motto I continue to pursue today.

Thus, I want to thank those that gave me the courage to apply, those that gave me the tools to flourish, and those that continue to mold the person I am today.
Thank you to Harvard for the gift that you give to all of your student-athletes (a rarity in today’s hyper sports-focused NCAA). Thank you for a balanced athletic and academic education at a critical time in our lives- I would not trade this gift for all the money in the world.

Thank you to the one and only Coach Stone. You have built this team, this program, and this culture from day 1. Thank you for your support of the players on the ice- but more importantly- for creating an environment where we can develop from girls to young women. Thank you for creating a culture where despite decades between teams, we are all one family.

OD- Thank you for the laugher, the defensive strategy, and for your belief in me. I learned a ton from you and will forever be grateful for your impact on my Harvard career.

To my teammates- I overlapped with 9 different classes (’99-’07)- so there are too many to thank individually! I came to Harvard because of you, I grew up with you, and will hopefully celebrate life’s journey with you for years to come. You all helped me better understand the concept of team and teammate, which I remember as the best part of Harvard hockey. When we get together, we rarely discuss who scored the GWG or the tactics of hockey. Instead, we laugh over the pranks, the bus rides, or the deep conversations we had with one another- the friendship we established because of the opportunity to represent the Crimson. I love you all.

Finally, thank you to my parents. To my late father, who is the reason I played hockey and gave me a path to pursue the game. You set me up at a young age to appreciate hard work, understand resiliency, and gave me a language to strive for more in myself and those around me. I know hockey was always the metaphor for the life lessons you were teaching me. To my mother who without a doubt was the bedrock of stability, support, and love in my life. Thank you for always being there and for your unconditional love in my life journey. My brother Bill- thanks for always having my back, bringing me to your skates, and for the attitude you continue to approach life with. My sister Pam- my #1 fan for your support and friendship throughout our lives.

Go Crimson!