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Anna Seaton Huntington

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Anna began her Harvard Athletics career as a swimmer, but after her freshman year felt she needed a new endeavor. She joined the Radcliffe rowing program and quickly impressed all with her determination and tenacity. She trained with spark and drive, leaving no question that she wanted to win. She proved to everyone that she was capable of helping her rowing team develop into one of the premiere programs in the country. Racing fast was in her blood and she quickly earned the reputation of being the nicest, toughest, most dedicated athlete Radcliffe had seen in a long while. Anna's record as a rower at Radcliffe included impressive ergometer scores, seatracing success that proved her importance in the first varsity eight, a string of victories throughout the regular season races, and medals at the EAWRC championships and the National Championships, where she and her teammates defied the odds and finished a close second to the very powerful Wisconsin varsity. It is not the medals that define the mark that Anna left at Radcliffe. She helped to create a program that was prepared to train with focus, proud of their victories and humble in their losses. After graduation Anna would earn four silver medals at world championships, become a member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic team and in 1992, win a bronze medal at the Olympics in Barcelona.