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Edward James Woodhouse, Jr.

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

The 1974 heavyweight boat went undefeated and won the national championships at the University of Washington and the University of Wisconsin. In the process, its members began to develop a character picked up by the national media and unofficially titled “The Rude and Smooth.” The 1975 boat, driven by its illustrious senior class, two juniors, and a sophomore, continued to blow away its competition. It finished undefeated and again won the national title, while its “Rude and Smooth” reputation continued to flourish and helped the unorthodox crew land a story in the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

To paraphrase the immortal words of Crash Davis in Bull Durham: I’m just glad to be here. I just want to help the club. This is a simple game – you hold the oar, you balance the boat, you pull like hell. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains.