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John Amory

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

John was a member of the first varsity heavyweight crew from 1988-89. The crews from 1987 to 1989 certainly rank among the best Harvard has ever seen and they proved that by enjoying considerable success in many major competitions at home and overseas. They were the dominant crews of those years despite some very strong competition form both traditional intercollegiate rivals and outstanding international crews. Also notable are their convincing victories over Yale in the annual Harvard-Yale four mile race. The 1987 crew enjoyed a particularly long and successful season. The crew started with a resounding victory over west coast power Washington, then continued through a dramatic victory over a powerful Brown crew in the National Championships in Cincinnati. The season finished with outstanding races at the Victoria Boatrace in Victoria, BC, the Henley Regatta in England, and the World University Games in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. The 1988 crew was equally successful and ended their season with victories at Worcester in the EARC Sprint Championships, over Yale in New London and in the National Championships at Cincinnati. In 1989, the crew repeated as both EARC Sprint and National Champions and went on to row an historic race in the finals of the Ladies Plate competition at the Henley Royal Regatta. In addition to their collective success in both intercollegiate and international competition, several members of the crews went on to significant international success as members of various U.S. Olympic and World Championship crews. They continue to maintain strong connections to Harvard and U.S. national rowing programs.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

I would like to thank the Harvard Varsity Club for this great honor. I have wonderful memories of my rowing career and feel very fortunate to have rowed at Harvard, been coached by Harry Parker, and to have competed with the teammates that I had. Rowing is the ultimate team sport. Unlike most other racing sports, all the members of a crew start and finish the race at exactly the same time. As a result, there is little chance for individual stardom within a college rowing program, and the Varsity Club has, I think, wisely acknowledged this by including all the members of the three national championship crews from ’87-’89 in tonight’s inductee class. However, in some ways, honoring just these oarsmen does not accurately reflect the true nature of the rowing program at Harvard. I believe one of the reasons we were successful was the hard work of our teammates who are not included in this inductee class. Many of these 2nd, 3rd or 4th boat rowers would likely have been varsity oarsmen in another program, but at Harvard their main role was to provide the daily stimulus in practice to make the varsity go as fast as possible on race day. In accepting this honor, I would like to recognize our teammates from ’87-’89 who never raced for a national championship, but without whom victories in these races, and the unique experience that is rowing at Harvard, would not have been possible.