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Julie E. Sasner

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

Julie was a four-year letterwinner in hockey and soccer. She served as captain of the hockey team for three seasons. During that time the team wan two Ivy League titles and made its first two ECAC Tournament appearances. She was a three-time first team All-Ivy selection and received Ivy League Rookie of the Year honors in 1985 and Player of the Year honors in 1988. She is currently ranked 13th in Harvard's career scoring list (78 goals, 55 assists and 133 points) and is among the top 15 in in single-season goals with 27 in 1986-87.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

I am honored to be a Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Famer and am excited to be inducted with such talented people. Athletics has always been at the center of my life and has provided me with opportunities to connect with people, thus establishing lifelong friendships. There are many individuals I want to thank for their support, humor, and belief in me, as an athlete and person: THANK YOU: Ben, my best friend, and Caz for sharing this special night with me. Mom, my greatest fan, for organizing the Oyster River Youth Hockey Association team; for convincing UNH women to coach us; and for breaking into Snively Arena when the rink attendant didn’t show, so we could practice at 4:30 Saturday mornings! And they say the “soccer moms” are determined! If I didn’t have a “UP’er” for a mom, I probably never would have played hockey! Dad for the hours in the driveway playing hoops, pitching like “Fergie,” whacking tennis balls against the garage, and for tying my skates. (I took over when I got to Harvard! J) I wasn’t as good in hockey as Diana Taurasi is in basketball, but what’s the harm in pretending? Thanks for fixing that living room door! Most of all thanks for teaching me what it means to treat people with respect. Susan for always being there for me, especially during “reading period” when you sheltered me from stress in your Cambridge apartment. Mark, my most vocal fan and loyal supporter. Noam and Misha: I love you. Mike for toughening me up and allowing me to play on the pond with your friends, and for not being ashamed to hug your little sister in public. Claire: "I saw it! I was behind the green dumpster!" Allie and Jack: I love you. Grandma Van Dyk, Grandpa and Grandma Sasner, and all of my family. I am blessed! Coach Dooley, Billy, Eric, E.J., and Aaahta for making us better and for making the game fun: “Half a ya’s ovah he-ah, half a ya’s ovah they-yah;” for those post-practice sessions on the “back-slaphander;” and for creating a great environment for the team. T.K for patching me up; getting me strong, and most of all for your constant moral support, especially during “sophomore slump.” My hockey teammates for making me a better player and for all the laughs at the back of the bus. Brita, thanks for chasing those pucks in the corner! My soccer teammates for trusting in a girl from the soccer “boonies”; and for all the locker room laughs. My roommates for hanging out and having fun, for putting up with the pre-game mood swings, for the borrowed clothes, and for understanding my desire to sleep on my 21st birthday while you all went out! Kelly Landry Ohanian for getting me through Psych 101: Human Motivation, for the driver’s license (are you still 5’ 7” at the RMV?) and for the trips to Demo’s and The Spinnaker. Bob Scalise, I wouldn’t qualify for the “Chub Club” now! Thanks for making me wear a seatbelt on the Beltway at WAGS. Tim Wheaton for taking me to Europe for the first time. Laurie Gregg for pushing me to be my best. Jack Kirrane for showing me how to change the oil, for teaching me to drive golf balls into Storrow Drive, and for keeping tabs on me. Pat Henry for being a strong role model and for getting me involved on campus in HRFWA. Coach Cleary for helping me improve and for cheering me on from the visitor’s bench. Jack Reardon for the captains’ lunches at the Faculty Club and for giving me my first job. Rich Van den Broek for always taking an interest in my team. Bill Coughlin, Bob Daley, Father Dave and the Bright Arena Wednesday noontime pickup hockey crowd for helping me make the National Team! Chet Stone, Artie Clifford, Walter, Ed Coughlin, Mac Singleton, Dick Emerson, Colin Leitch, John Veneziano, Jeff Bradley, Bob Malekoff, Fran Toland, Kathy Finn, Marc Chandler and Jean McIver for their interest and support. Tom Weeks and Deb Oyer, Proctors of Grays Middle for helping me through freshman year. Prof. Woody and Hannah Hastings, the best House Masters (North House)! For letting me into your kitchen and for looking out for me on my bike. Bernie and Lennie McKinnon for setting me up with summer camps, and for golf lessons. Current Harvard Hockey and Soccer players and coaches Stone and Wheaton for making us alums look good by maintaining such high standards for yourselves and the programs. Peter Keane and the Boston music scene for enhancing my appreciation of music. Carrie and Sue for busting out of figure skating lessons and forming the greatest line in the history of ORYA! Russ McCurdy and Charlie Holt for providing me with hockey idols in my hometown. Mrs. Keesey for your love of piano and for showing me that someone so good at her craft can still enjoy teaching beginners. John Tegan for delivering the good news on that Friday night in 1980 "we beat the Russians!” Mr. and Mrs. Bill Long for allowing me to continue living after I shot one puck through a set of ten storm windows. Rae Borror, Martha Dunn, Patsy Abbott, Chuck and Kathy Gross, The Findell’s, The Gillespie’s, The Urban’s, The Houston’s, The Pierce’s, The Borror’s, The Dunn’s, The DiMambro’s, The Ikawa’s, The Foxall’s, The Howell’s, The Skoglund’s, Tom Murdoch, Dick Dawson, Debbie DeMoulpied, Pete Schiot, Tom McAdam, Sooz and Win Watson, Tim and Janet Quint, Jeanne Menard, Jeri and Paul Young, Dick Coleman, Karin Wegener, Pat Bohner, Dave Nichols, Liz Whaley, Tricia Irwin, Ken Andrews, Carol Haaland, Sonya Fields, Deb Cunningham, Lori Hutchinson, Chris Lawrence, Michele McInnes, Mark Serdjenian, Jim Boulanger, Dan Parr, Steve Bamford…my coaches, teachers, mentors, referees, friends and fans!