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Kate Schoolwerth
Field Hockey

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

Kate Schoolwerth made her presence known on Jordan field immediately. Landing a spot on the All-Ivy first team squad as a freshman, she helped her team go 5-1 in the Ivy League. Her sophomore year she put up 10 assists, which placed her 3rd in the record books, and still maintains the 7th spot today. She also earned a spot on the All-Ivy second team, and All-Region second team that year. In her junior year she put up twenty points total, with five goals and earned a spot on the All-Ivy first team and All-Region second team. As the team’s top returning scorer, and having started every game in her career, Schoolwerth came into her senior year with lots of momentum. That year, the Crimson made it to the second round of the ECAC tournament, their furthest in Schoolwerth’s tenure. Her senior year she scored six goals, had two assists and totaled fourteen points on the season, to earn All-Ivy first team honors, as well as a spot on the All-Region first team. Schooolwerth graduated with 16 goals and 13 assists for 45 total points on her career, and having led th three ECAC tournament appearances.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

Thank you to the Harvard Varsity Club for this award and recognition. I feel very privileged to be honored along with my fellow inductees and classmates, as I am well aware of their prowess both on and off the field, though fifteen years have gone by since we all competed for the Crimson. Congratulations to you all! It is no small task to try to sum up my experiences as a student athlete at Harvard. I remember being dropped off for preseason in August 1996. I waved goodbye to my parents with a mixture of excitement and apprehension about my new life in Cambridge. I remember lying in my bed during those first weeks wondering when the admissions office was going to realize they made a mistake in letting me in to the University; I joked that I had my suitcase packed under my bed, just waiting for that call. But thankfully that call never came and I carried on for four wonderful years. I remember how much older the upper classman seemed to me at that first preseason, and I was surprised how quickly they made me feel comfortable and included, as they took all us newbies under their wings to show us the ropes. I remember how proud I felt when I first put on my practice jersey and walked out to the field on that first week of preseason. And I distinctly remember almost throwing up after running “the gauntlet” with the other freshmen on the team – two of whom would become my roommates for remainder of my time at Harvard. It’s amazing how almost throwing up with someone can bond two people together! I remember the bike ride down to the athletic facilities – first through Harvard Yard and Harvard Square and later along the Charles, sometimes riding double with a teammate in tow. I remember the music we listened to in the locker room and the songs on our warm up tapes. I remember the team dinners, the bus and van rides, the Saturday nights out after a game and our amazing team trip to Australia and New Zealand. I remember the excitement I felt just before the whistle blew to start each game; the happiness of a win and the disappointment of a loss. I remember being out on the field during practice on those crisp New England fall days with a clear blue sky when the leaves are changing color, knowing that there was no place else I’d rather be at that time. I remember how sad I was when each season came to an end. I remember the race to get to our early morning work-outs on time in the off-season, sleeping until the last possible second, or not sleeping at all the night before in a frantic effort to finish writing a paper. I remember how hard it was to stay awake in that 8 am class after those practices. I remember hating our weight training, but feeling so empowered after finishing a workout. I remember knowing how much I would miss it all as I neared the end of my final season. I remember the dedication of our coach, Sue Caples – how she encouraged and inspired us to work our hardest at each practice, game and training session. I remember knowing and really feeling how she cared for each of her players and I wish to thank her for the care and support she gave us, both on and off the field; those years would not have been what they were for me without Sue. And I thank all of my teammates over those four years – we worked hard and played hard and caused only a little bit of trouble along the way. We shared laughter and tears, boring nights in and exciting nights out. You were my secret keepers and my family away from home; you made my Harvard experience an unforgettable one, so thank you! And finally, I thank my parents for their love and encouragement and for giving me the opportunity to attend Harvard, for that I will be forever thankful.