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Mary W. Hulbert

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

Hulbert was Harvard’s first WISA Individual Champion in 1984-85 as she led Harvard to its first WISA Team Championship with a perfect 12-0 record. She was a three-time All-American and a four-time All-Ivy selection. She helped Harvard to Howe Cup victories as a freshman in 1981-82 and as a senior in 1984-85. Hulbert was an Ivy League Silver Anniversary Team selection.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

What stands out when I think back to four years of varsity squash at Harvard? Here are a few vignettes: I remember heading up to the courts at Hemingway Gym, which is tucked up at the law school, for practice everyday. We had our own squash world up there – totally separate from “Harvard Athletics” – which felt very special. We didn’t get towels or laundry done for us, but we had a home that was totally ours. I remember laughing with my teammates until my stomach ached and my cheeks were sore. Sometimes I was the object of laughter, like when a teammate put my sneakers on over her sneakers and ran around the court. But that was ok too. What can I say? With a big reach come big feet. Of course my coach, the legendary Jack Barnaby, stands out. His wonderful coaching and great metaphors were real gifts. In addition to being an extremely gifted squash coach and teacher, he cultivated many other interests. I learned a lot from his stories and musings on life, and it was important for me to see first-hand that being exceptionally good at something didn’t preclude developing and maintaining other skills and interests. Perhaps most vivid though, are the memories of my teammates. Their exceptional skill and talent allowed me to excel. We needed each other to get better, to get faster, to become more deceptive. What always seemed most remarkable was how we are able to be very competitive and “tough” in challenge matches, and at the same time, maintain extremely strong friendships off the court. Teammates (who in an individual sport like squash are also direct competitors) comprised my main support system at Harvard and many of my best friends. Playing squash was a very important part of my Harvard experience. It was a great thrill to help Harvard win the Howe Cup twice and to win the Women’s Intercollegiate Individual Championship. It is an enormous honor to be inducted into Harvard’s Hall of Fame. Thank You!