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Maureen Finn Austin

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Hall of Fame

Harvard Athletic Achievements

The 1983 co-recipient of the Radcliffe College Alumnae Association Award with Francesca Den Hartog, Maureen, as one half of the dynamic couplet, finished a very close second on the all-time list of Harvard’s scoring leaders. The unselfish forward ended her career in 1983 by being named the Ivy League Player of the Year. Maureen was a three-time first team All-Ivy and two-time first team All-American. In her four years at Harvard, she led her team to three Ivy championships and set records for points in an Ivy League game (13) and in career Ivy League games (71 goals and 50 assists).

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

As I reflect back on my athletic experiences at Harvard and the impact they have had on my life, I am reminded of the Nike ad campaign, “If you let me play.” This campaign highlights the positive outcomes for females when given a chance to participate in sports. It’s a compelling message for me, as much of my success and happiness today are a result of lessons learned as an athlete. My athletic experiences goes beyond the victories and defeats, the championship and awards. Being an athlete taught me to be disciplined and focused, responsible and accountable. I learned that teamwork is imperative to success and that each individual brings a unique talent to the team. I developed a personal self-confidence that has enabled me to continuously test and exceed my own expectations and to confront challenges head-on. Most importantly, I discovered that it truly isn’t about winning or losing (although admittedly I prefer to win and HATE to lose) but about enjoying the game itself.

Fifteen years after graduation, I find myself a new mom, president of a small company, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. And I find myself truly happy. I am enjoying the game of life more than ever and handling the successes and setbacks with equal levels of confidence and perspective.

Being inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame is truly an honor. I am overwhelmed to amongst such an impressive group of individuals. I am grateful to all who have afforded me the opportunity to play sports: Edie Mabrey, Carol Kleinfelder, Pat Henry, Jack Reardon, and the rest of the Harvard administration – thank you. I applaud you and all who are working to provide other women the opportunity to play. You will make a difference in the lives of many.

Above all, I wish to express my gratitude and love to my mom and dad. For all those times when you chauffeured me to and from practice; for all those games you attended, rain or shine; for all the words of encouragement and support; for being there when I needed you (and even when I didn’t) – thank you!

Thank you for giving me the chance to play.