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Milton A. Holt

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Harvard Athletic Achievements

One of a string of celebrated Harvard quarterbacks, “Pineapple” Milt baffled opposing defenses with his athleticism and improvisational style. The southpaw earned first team All-Ivy honors while guiding the 1974 gridders to a share of the Ivy title and was also part of an imposing trio of starting pitchers of the 1974 Harvard baseball team.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

“Harvard No Ke Oi (The Very Best)” Sic thousand miles away from the coastal shorelines of Hawaii, I wandered out of Kirkland house to Soldiers’ Field for many afternoons of meetings and practice. Bundled up like an Eskimo, I treaded through the brisk wind and snowy paths over the Charles River to Dillon Field House. Once inside, I warmed up immediately by stopping by Chet Stone’s desk for the latest gossip around town. Then I went to get a history lesson from Jack Fadden in the training room. Pre-practice quarterback meetings with Coach Restic were classic moments of mixing x’s and o’s with the deuces. Out on the field, there were many afternoons so cold and bitter I yearned to be home. Patience is Harvard athletics. Wait patiently, and your turn will come. Often I wanted to return home to the islands, to their beauty, to their warmth. But waking up on Saturday morning with the school band blaring down Mt. Auburn Street just got me so pumped up for the game that I stuck it out and waited for my turn. And it came, and I grabbed the opportunity with everything I had. The season is history. Co-champions with Yale, whom we beat 21-16 on a 95-yard drive very late in the game. Our Harvard fans are happy, the coaches are happy, the players are happy. This is Harvard football, the very best in town.