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Thomas A. Howes

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Harvard Athletic Achievements

As a sophomore, Howes earned the No. 7 seat on the 1976 varsity crew that went on to an undefeated season including wins in the San Diego Classic, Stein Cup, Sexton Cup, and EARC Sprint Championships. In 1977 and 1978, Howes and his teammates also won the Stein and Compton cups. Howes competed as a single sculler in national competitions while still an undergraduate and was a member of the 1979 Pan American and 1980 Olympic sculling teams.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

I don’t think I really know how I got here tonight, to receive such an honor and to be included with such great Harvard athletes. You see, I was not even accepted to Harvard until a month or so before the Freshman term was to begin. After turning down an offer to row for an another college in New Haven and accepting enrollment at Georgetown University, I finally received an acceptance letter from Harvard. Who knows how these things work or who makes them happen… I do know I would never have applied to such a prestigious school as Harvard but for the unfailing confidence my mother had in my ability to do anything to which I set my mind. I can still remember our conversation when she convinced me to apply. Well, given the opportunity I was going to make the most of it. It’s impossible for me to know if other sports are as infectious and captivating as rowing was for me. My days rowing on the Charles combined with hard work and deep friendships made me look forward to every day I spent in Harvard. I couldn’t wait to finish classes, eat lunch, check the boatings posted in the Square, and spend hours rowing, running, or whatever was the challenge of the day. I was caught up in the pride and tradition of rowing for Harvard as well as the privilege of rowing for a great coach and mentor in the person of Harry Parker. Certainly my most memorable year rowing at Harvard was as a sophomore. Having enjoyed some success my freshman year I started my second year with an intense commitment to succeed, as a tribute to my mother who had just lost a long battle with cancer. The year was highlighted by a trip to Egypt, earning a seat on the Varsity boat (which I only relinquished upon graduation), winning the San Diego Crew Classic, and the Eastern College Championships. Our success came on the heels of one of Harvard’s finest crews ever (1975) which made our accomplishments even sweeter. The year ended for me as a spectator at the Montreal Olympics watching several of the 1975 crew compete with the best in the world. Rowing for Harvard gave me opportunities for competition, travel, and friendship of which I could only have dreamed growing up in Cape Cod. Harry Parker and many of my teammates encouraged and inspired me to continue rowing beyond my four years at Harvard. With my Harvard rowing behind me I earned a silver medal in the 1979 Pan Am Games and was selected for the 1979 US National Tea, and the 1980 US Olympic Team. All these opportunities and their rewards came to me because someone, many years ago, decided to give me a chance. It was an opportunity I was only too glad to receive and I wasn’t going to waste it. So now I thank you for this recognition tonight and thank those who gave me the opportunity to be part of the wonderful tradition of Harvard sports.