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Thomas M. Joyce

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Harvard Athletic Achievements

Joyce was a three-year starter at line-backer for the Crimson who led the team with 69 tackles and 23 assists (92 total) during the 1976 season. That same year he was selected to the All-Ivy first team and earned All-American honorable mention. He averaged more than 10 tackles per game over three years and as a senior was the only Harvard player selected to the All-East team.

Hall of Fame

Remembering Harvard Athletics

When I think back on my athletic experience at Harvard two thoughts come to mind. The first is of my parents. One of the side benefits of going to Harvard is that, for me, it was a local school. As a result, my parents were able to come to virtually all of my games. I’ve always known how much my parents sacrificed on my behalf but until you become a parent yourself it’s hard to truly appreciate it fully. For my dad, who passed away nine years ago, and my mother, who’s here, I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I can only hope I’ll be half the parent to me children that you were to me. The other thought that springs so strongly to mind is the people I met at Harvard. The academic challenge was a constant as was the dynamic life of Harvard Square. But what truly distinguished the time in Cambridge were the friends I met playing sports there. Elmo, Bear, Gerry, Mac, Juice, Emp, Harry, Gillie, Jim Bo, Jamus, Scibo, Snapper, Brian, Danny, Milt, Jim, Eddie, Bharry, Lynchie, Kevin, Chet, Artie, Emmo, and many, many more. All those are names and nicknames of wonderful people who made a big impact on my life here. And I think all of us would say the same about the athletic experience. The quality of people one meet at Harvard is truly unique, the people one meets playing athletics are without peer. I think Bruce Springsteen had it partly right when he sang about the “Glory Days.” There were athletic glory days. There were titles and awards and press clippings. But because of the way Harvard and the athletic programs here prepared us for the challenges of life to come so many of the people in this room are still experiencing glory days but instead of touchdowns and tackles there are now wonderful family lives, rewarding careers, great friendships. That is what truly distinguishes the Harvard athlete, the way success on the playing field translates to success in later life. The four years here were wonderful. To cap it off with this election to the Hall of Fame is a great honor. It is a terrific feeling joining my other teammates from the class of 1977, Tommy Winn, Jim Kubacki, and Bill Emper, as well as all the other marvelous athletes who are receiving the award this year not to mention all those already enshrined. It is extraordinarily flattering to be included in this accomplished group. This is an exceptional institution and I consider myself very fortunate to have been a small part of it.