Message from the President

Johanna N. Boynton '88

President's Message

Greeting HVC Members!

As I begin my second term as President of the Harvard Varsity Club, I want to thank you all for your continued support, enthusiasm, and commitment to the Varsity Club, to the mission of Your Team For Life, and to me! It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your President, and I hope you won’t hesitate to reach out anytime with your suggestions, questions, and/or ideas. We endeavor to be an inclusive and fun place for our alumni athletes and friends!

These past three years have been quite unique for all of us! Together, we have experienced COVID without athletic contests, Office Hours and Discussions on Zoom, fan-less athletic contests as the Pandemic subsided, the hire of the new John D. Nichols ‘53 Family Director of Athletics Erin McDermott, and countless ways to serve our community through golf tournaments, our annual Auction, and gatherings at games and reunions. It was quite a different and creative few years, and I am thrilled to report we have emerged even stronger and more united than ever!

Thanks to you, the HVC community is growing in numbers and enthusiasm every year. Our HVC events continue to be one of our greatest strengths: golf tournaments, Hall of Fame Dinners, SLD, and the hugely successful Title IX Celebration. And our HVC staff is a great team – they are professional, devoted, hard-working, and fun!

Looking ahead, we would like to continue to strengthen and grow the HVC community by expanding our reach across the country and by capitalizing on our enhanced and improved website. Additionally, we are working to improve the HVC Career Services Program, and we hope you all will help in this important work, which is an easy way to pay it forward. Are you in our database? Please take a minute to include yourself. Our alumni are our greatest asset for creating internship opportunities and hiring graduating student-athletes.

Finally, we are working to increase HVC resources. How can you help? We currently have 650 Lifetime Members and are shooting to get to our target 1,000 inaugural members! You will then always have special recognition. Please consider becoming a Lifetime Member today as well as sponsoring our Golf Tournaments and other events, or allocate a portion of your reunion gifts to the HVC. We rely on the support of our generous alums, and we hope the experience of contributing brings you and everyone around you great joy while invigorating your strong sense of community!

If you have made it this far in this letter, thank you! And thank you all for your incredible support of our mission, our values, and our fervent commitment to building our community and having fun together. We are Your Team For Life! We will always be here for you and will be forever grateful for anything you can do for us.

With gratitude,

Jojo Neilson Boynton ‘88
President, Harvard Varsity Club

Johanna N. Boynton ’88 was introduced as the 30th President of the Harvard Varsity Club on November 4, 2019. Boynton is co-founder, CEO, and Partner of Boynton Brennan Builders, a Founding HVC Lifetime Member, and a long-standing member of the HVC’s Advisory Board.
Pictured from left: Former HVC President Marc E. Goldberg ’79 (2007-10), Former HVC President Robert E. Joyce ’87 (2016-19), Former HVC President Kathryn A. Martin ’83 (1995-01), Current HVC President Johanna N. Boynton ’88 (2019-present), Former HVC President Philip C. Haughey ’57 (1989-92), Broadbent Family Executive Director of the Harvard Varsity Club Robert A. Glatz ’88.